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Sports are such a great teacher. I think of everything they’ve taught me: camaraderie, humility, how to resolve differences

Kobe Bryant

Combine education and sports, become a Student-Athlete

It is the dream of thousands of young individuals to pursue a career in sports, and in most of the cases, they will chase this dream and put their education aside. We believe the combination of education and sports is the perfect match.

AUSA Sports Scholarships offer young students the opportunity of sports scholarships in the USA college system. 

This opportunity gives students the pathway to keep pursuing their dream in sports, but also getting educated while they are following their dream.

AUSA Sports Scholarships focus on showing young students the importance of having good grades and doing well in school, as their effort in school will be determinant for opening doors to different opportunities in their lives.

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Scholarships in US | AUSA Scholarships


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Scholarships in US | AUSA Scholarships

How does the recruiting process work?

We will guide and assist you along the journey of getting a sports scholarship. The process takes time, and you should start early.

Meet the requirements to get a sports scholarship

To be able to get a sports scholarship offer, the student needs to meet specific academic and sports-related requirements. We will guide you on how you can meet the requirements and how to present yourself to the opportunity of getting a sports scholarship.

Connect you with college coaches

We have an extended network with college coaches. We will promote you to them accordingly with your preferences.

Getting a scholarship offer is only the beginning

After you receive a sports scholarship, there are more steps you need to take.  AUSA will assist you in becoming eligible to play sports, taking the required tests, applying with the college institution, applying for the student visa and more.