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A vision to growth and development of young students

AUSA Sports Scholarships works with young students who have a dream to pursue a career in sports. We offer the students an opportunity and a pathway to follow their dreams in an American university under a sports scholarship. As any other pathway in sports, getting a sports scholarship is a very competitive process, and not everyone will be able to get one. However, going through this process is a shot worth taking.

Education is one of the most important - if not the most important - step in the development and growth of young individuals. Therefore, we all know how difficult it is to make high school students feel motivated to focus on having good grades.

When the student is in the pathway to get recruited by a university to play sports, grades and academic performance are the most important factor when seeking for scholarships. Because of that, students can't only focus on their sports skills and development. Students will need to understand that their academic performance is even more important than their talent in sports.

Learning from both the educational system and the sports environment at the same time gives an outstanding growth curve for young individuals. Sports aid on the development of skills, such as teamwork, leadership, discipline, and have great benefits as improving mental health.

At the end, when the student is successful in getting a sports scholarship, the student will be in a double pathway. That is, the student may perform very well in the sport and receive professional opportunities. But if the professional opportunities don't show up, the student will be qualified with a university degree and will be ready to start their professional life in the work-force.

Who We Are

AUSA Sports Scholarships was founded by a former student-athlete who used a business just like AUSA to do his own process. At the time, some information provided by the company was incomplete, and the founder paid the price having a shorter experience than what he expected. Learning from the mistakes made in his own process, now AUSA can help other students not falling into the same mistakes, making sure students live the full experience.

Our Vision

AUSA vision is to make young students realise the importance of their education for whatever pathway they choose to pursue in their lives, and promote the combination of education and sports. We also aim to help young students to have a vision for their future, showing them it is possible to achieve their dreams and be successful at school at the same time.

Our Mission

AUSA mission is to provide young Australians students with the opportunity of becoming a student-athlete. AUSA helps and guides prospects to be recruited under a sports scholarship, placing them in the US college system.

Following our values, AUSA will always work with a prospect student transparently, explaining all the details involving the process. We will always be honest about the students' chances of getting a sports scholarship.

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