Recruiting process

AUSA Sports Scholarships services will help you to maximise your chances to get a sports scholarship to attend a university in the USA. The process itself, which would be when you are starting negotiations for a scholarships offer up to when you depart to the USA, takes around 10 to 15 months. That’s the timeframe for putting everything together in what we will describe below. Still, when it comes to preparation for the process, it can start as early as 9th grade.

To qualify for a sports scholarship in the USA, you need to meet academic and sports requirements. These requirements are different depending on the league you will be going to play for (NCAA, NJCAA or NAIA) and the division inside the specific league (DI, DII or DIII). NCAA Division I, as an example, has the highest entry-level requirements (higher GPA, test scores) and its universities look for high-level skill players. So, as early as you start planning yourself to get good grades in High School, higher are your chances to be accepted in an NCAA Division I university.

What you need to know is that most of the process is up to you. The student is the one who needs to meet all the requirements along the way. AUSA job is to guide you through the right steps you need to take to meet the requirements, lifting your chances in getting scholarship offers. Then, the steps you need take after you have your offer in hands are crucial for the success of your recruiting process. AUSA job is to make sure you will do all the necessary steps to complete your process, keeping you away from making mistakes that can make you lose your offer.

Recruiting process to get a scholarship in US


The first step is to find out whether you will meet the requirements for a sports scholarship. AUSA needs to evaluate your academic and athletic history to understand your current situation. From there, we can give you feedback on the next steps you need to take to meet all the requirements. Taking AUSA Sports Scholarships Free Assessment is your first step becoming a high prospect for the recruiting process.


Once we assess you meet the requirements and have good chances of getting an scholarship offer from a university, we will create your AUSA online profile. On this profile we will have all the relevant information (academic records, athletic background, skills highlights..) in one place, so we can present you to college/universities coaches in a professional and organised way.


When searching and deciding on which college/university you want to try to get a sports scholarship offer from, you should consider your current grades and your expected grades after graduation , the skills level you have in your preferred sport, and also take in consideration your personal goals, like the sports and academic program offered by the institutions, if they offer the major you want, location and so on.


We will help you with shaping your AUSA online profile to present yourself to coaches. AUSA then will use their network to promote the student to college/universities coaches. Once we find you an offer you are happy to take, and you commit yourself to an institution, that’s when the fun begins.


Both the colleges/universities and the leagues require you to take an entrance exam as part of the admission/eligibility process. The most common exams are the SAT and the ACT. In some cases, you may need to take the TOEFL or IELTS, but only in specific institutions. This is a very important phase of the process, as not achieving the required scores may result in you not being admitted by the institution or not being cleared for playing eligibility.


The entrance exam is one of the requirements for you to be eligible to compete in college sports. As we mentioned before, there are three major leagues in the USA and each one of them has different requirements to give you the eligibility. AUSA will always aim to make the student eligible for the higher standards, so the student has the option to choose any league desired.


Next step is the admission to the university. Having a sports scholarship offer doesn’t mean you are already accepted in the college/university you are commiting yourself to. AUSA Sports Scholarships will make sure you send all the necessary documents and meet all requirements to be accepted in the college/university you have the scholarship offer from. This is such an important step as the university is the one that issues the document called I-20, which you will need to apply for the student visa. Without the document from the institution with all of your enrolment details, you won’t be eligible to apply for a student visa.


Applying for your F1 student visa is the final step and final clearance you will need to know 100% you are going to study and play in the USA. Once we receive the I-20 document from the college/university you are going to attend, we can make an appointment with the American Consulate to request the F1 student visa. You will be required to go to an interview face-to-face. You will find out if your application is approved or denied on the day of the interview.


Going into the final details means you have an approved student visa and you are going to the USA to become a student-athlete, however, you are not ready to depart just yet. We will still need to organise your mandatory Health Insurance and make sure you are up to date with the mandatory vaccinations. Then we can look up for flight tickets and kick-off your journey as a student-athlete

AUSA Sports Scholarships will be by your side during the whole process for anything you may need. We will ensure every step is correctly done and will always provide you with all information and details you need to make the right decisions for your process.

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